Making of “Traffic Jam”

Sometimes I read comments or emails where people ask me: “How do you realize your Urban Melodies?”. Well, I wrote something about it in The Art Of Superimposition, but this time I want to show you step by step how I have realized one of my most appreciated pictures, Traffic Jam. Usually I use four or five pictures of the same subject, but in this case I worked with only three images, these:

img01 img02 img03

First step: I’ve superimposed the second image on the first and I took down opacity. In this way:


Then I did the same thing with the third image:


Finally I’ve fixed luminosity, contrasts and tones in order to have the final image:

Traffic Jam (New York)

[Looking for more inspiration? Join us in the group Living Is Easy With One Eye Closed]


5 thoughts on “Making of “Traffic Jam”

  1. Sorry to sound dense, but do you do these successive changes in what software, as in Lightroom, which I personally don’t use or PS, creative clout, PS Elements, etc. This would be further helpful for many of us to experiment with. Your work is very very evocative but seems a bit advanced for those of us used to more simple adjustments in post, and not doing much with laters.
    Thanks, Rick, NYC


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