Best Advice Ever

In 2010 I used to live in Paris for a while. I was looking for inspiration, I was looking for answers. I was looking for something I didn’t know. One night, I was talking with a friend of mine on a bench, not far from the Centre Pompidou. I was talking about my life, if I had to follow my dreams and go on trying to do my art, or if I had to turn my life in a surer existence, with “normal” work, a fixed salary, summer vacations and things like this. Suddenly I saw a writing under the bench, that writing was in Italian (!) and said: “La vita è una sola, vivila come tu vuoi” (“Life is once, live it as you want”). I know, maybe it’s banal and not so original, but in that moment something changed in my mind. I never forgot this advice.

I took a picture of that writing: now that photo is on the wall behind my notebook and I look at it every single day…



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