Photo of the day #46

I want to travel, because I love it. And I love trains. I love to take a look outside the window and enjoy the view, enjoy the trip. Travel is not about the destination, but your look at the world. Well, the photo of the day today really brings me in a beautiful trip. The photographer is the scottish Peter Sawers: “This was taken in Northern India in August 2009. It’s on the Kalka to Shimla railway, I was travelling north from Delhi on my way to Leh. I was on my way from Scotland, my home at the time, to Melbourne, now my home.  This photo sat in my laptop untouched for years before I published it on Flickr. I had ignored it amongst all the other images I had taken in India, and the hundreds I had taken on that train journey. I occasionally like to go back through old images just to see if there is anything I can work with. I’m not very good at deleting images, bit of a hoarder in that respect. Anyway, I was getting a lot more experienced using Lightroom & had just purchased version 5 which has a radial filter tool. Originally the face in the window in this image was darkened out. When I applied the radial filter and increased the exposure on the face in the window it pretty much completed the image. This image without that face would just not be the same. I even called it Through The Window”.



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