Photo of the day #50

Another great photographer to celebrate our 50th photo of the day on this blog. Spanish, based in New York, Sion Fullana is really one of the best street photographer out there. In this shot, Red, White and Blue, we can see all the magnific irony of this kind of photography. It’s like to see the stars and stripes flag that waves in the subway… Well done!



My Brand New Urban Melodies – January 2016

The first month of this 2016 is almost gone. In these four weeks I’ve realized some new images for my Urban Melodies project. So I want to show you some new creations of this last period: Grand Central in New York, Benavente (my first Urban Melody from Madrid), Panorama (Rome) e the last two, Portobello and London Boulevard, obviously from London. I remember that you can follow my project on Facebook.


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Photo of the day #49

Yesterday I was reading a book about Saul Leiter and it really made my day. So I decided to search on Flick “Saul Leiter” to see how other photographers have interpretated his special style. I fell on this stunning image, Kaffeine, by Russell Tickner. I absolute love the colors, the atmosphere, the mood of that image, that really seems to be a Saul Leiter’s picture. Great homage and outstanding photo!


Photo of the day #48

Winter days everywhere (well, not really everywhere, in Rome today we have sun and 13°C…). But this picture comes even from Rome, from the unforgettable snowing of six years ago (the only great snow in Rome in this century, and I was in Atacama desert in Chile, damn!!). The photographer of this stunning picture is the italian Rina Ciampolillo that confirms that snow is perfect for street photography. This is I need some sleep, great photo!


Best Advice Ever

In 2010 I used to live in Paris for a while. I was looking for inspiration, I was looking for answers. I was looking for something I didn’t know. One night, I was talking with a friend of mine on a bench, not far from the Centre Pompidou. I was talking about my life, if I had to follow my dreams and go on trying to do my art, or if I had to turn my life in a surer existence, with “normal” work, a fixed salary, summer vacations and things like this. Suddenly I saw a writing under the bench, that writing was in Italian (!) and said: “La vita è una sola, vivila come tu vuoi” (“Life is once, live it as you want”). I know, maybe it’s banal and not so original, but in that moment something changed in my mind. I never forgot this advice.

I took a picture of that writing: now that photo is on the wall behind my notebook and I look at it every single day…


“In travel with P” by Alessio Trerotoli

Last summer me and my girlfriend made separated holidays: she went is Sicily, to her family and I went for a couple of weeks in Monopoli, a seaside town in another italian region. She wasn’t with me, so I decided to bring with me a little earplug that she left me before to go in holiday. I took some pictures to this character in some places of this town (to the sea, in the countryside, on the alleys…) like a sort of romantic joke, sending her every photo and telling her that she was there with me. Finally this “project” was so funny  to me that I continued to take pictures to the little P also when I returned in Rome with her (in Rome Film Festival, watching Star Wars in dvd or at Christmas). Have a nice trip!


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