I am Legend

In his last article, How to turn bad moments into great photos, Marius Vieth explains how important photography is when you are in a bad moment. I loved the part when Marius tells the moment when he took some of his pictures: when he missed last tram, when he broke his lens, when his flight was in late and other beautiful examples. So I thinked about my bad moments and I remembered that: it was the 15th of a warm august, in 2014. I was in Rome, and I slept very very bad for some thoughts and worries in my mind (usually I sleep very well, luckly!). So I decided to have a shower and go out for a walk, at 7am. Finally I went to Coliseum and for the very first time in my whole life I’ve seen this beautiful area completely desert, empty, without tourists, without people, without noise. Suddenly I saw a man walking to the monument, under a pale sun. I took a photo of this man, thinking about a movie with Will Smith, I am Legend, and finally it would have been the title of this photo. This early photowalk really made my day.



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