“La Famille” by Alain Laboile

Alain Laboile is a french photographer, father of six. Through his photographic work he celebrates and documents his family life : a life on the edge of the world, where intemporality meets the universality of childhood. Day by day he creates a family album that constitues a legacy that he will pass on to his children: “My work reflects our way of life, revolving around their childhood. My photographs will be the testimony of that. In a way my approach can be considered similar to the one of an ethnologist. Though my work is deeply personal, it is also accessible, addressing human nature and allowing the viewer to enter my world and reflect on their own childhoods. Fed everyday and shared with the world via the internet, my photographic production has become a mean of communication, leading to a questionning about freedom, nudity, being and having”. I find Alain’s work excellent, absolutely great. Voilà, La Famille.











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