A project is stronger than a single shot

Last week I read an interesting article written by italian photographer Nicola Ughi. He says that today there is an infinite number of good pictures. Everyday we see new images, very good images, realized with cameras or smartphones. We see everyday wonderful sunsets, breathtaking landscapes or something like that: Ughi says that he’s not interested to see single pictures, but he prefers to concetrate his attention on a project. Single images still have esthetic and conceptual sense, but today everyone with a good technology can take a good picture. A photographer’s work is different and with a project a photographer can retain his professional identity. Ughi affirms that a project follows a style and it born by an inspiration, an interest or the study of something in particular: a photographer should put his focus on a project rather than single images. And you? What do you think about it? Do you organize your work in projects or do you take single shots?

I think that every photographer should start a project, to try a challenge with himself or just to show his point of view about something. But at the same time I think that a single shot can be powerful and iconic, sometimes more than a project. It depends. I still love taking single pictures, but I always think about new projects, new ideas, new homes where host my images…



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