Happy New Year!

For you that work in a restaurant, bar or shop, that deliver pizza, that make everyday sacrifices doing everything to survive for your art and for your passions… Well, for you, especially for you, my best wishes for the new year. Don’t give up, never, it will always be worth it.

A tutti quelli che lavorano nei ristoranti, nei bar, nei negozi, che portano le pizze, che si arrangiano e si sacrificano facendo qualsiasi cosa per sopravvivere per la loro arte e per le loro passioni… Ecco, soprattutto per voi, i più grandi auguri per l’anno nuovo e tutti quelli a seguire. Tenete duro, ne varrà sempre la pena.



My 2015 in pictures

Another year is going and another one is coming… This 2015 was another year of memories, frames, photos, friends, love. Another year to remember… In this gallery you can see my 2015 in pictures: little frames I took on my way, in my life. I wish you the best, hope that your 2015 was good as mine, or better, and hope that your 2016 will be awesome. Always keep in mind three simple words: Live, Love, Laugh.

Hot Shots 07

Hello my friends, I’m so glad to be featured in the new issue of photomagazine Hot Shots: my photo Moulin Rouge is one of the eight covers for this number and, most of all, my photo Taksim was awarded as the best picture of this issue (Gold Photography Award). Well, in this number 98 photographers and 166 pages full of photography. You can read it for free here: Hot Shots 07.


Photo of the day #37

Here in Italy Christmas means huge dinners with family and old uncles asking you when you’ll get married or when you’ll find a good job. Well, I’m not a “Christmas guy”, if you understand what I mean. By the way, today I was searching on Flickr something about Blue Christmas (like the wonderful song) and I saw this beautiful shot by russian photographer Ksenia KlykovaBlues was taken in Barcelona, and I think it’s a very nice picture to represent my feelings in these days: love, peace and tranquillity: “Probably my favorite pic from the last time I went out to take photos”, says Ksenia. “The light was just insane. Even the street alone, empty, was beautiful. But then a couple passed and I had time to take a picture”.