A 10-year-old photographer

Sometimes people asked me when I began to take pictures. Well, I always had a passion for photography. There is a moment I can’t forget, when I was 10 years old, I was showing to my grandmother photos of a little excursion I did with school in a place not far from Rome. My album was full of pictures of places that I visited and images of my schoolmates, so my grandma asked me: “But where are you?”. In that moment I realized that there wasn’t a picture of me in the entire album because I always was behind the camera. It was the first time I saw myself like a photographer.

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2 thoughts on “A 10-year-old photographer

  1. ha, i can relate to that. every few month i write a letter to my grandma, just to tell her about my life, since we rarely see each other – and i always send some pictures too. it’s just hard to find some that actually can tell her something, she doesn’t care about photos from my friends or even strange people on the street, she wants to see me. it’s just that i don’t have any from me, since i’m always behind the scene.
    i love the the first picture! it’s amazing!! i hope you have a great day!



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