Print your photos!

[Stampate Le Vostre Foto!: versione in italiano qui]

Open your folders in your computer: how many images are there? In these years everything is a digital file, we can create an album on Facebook and show our images to our friends. My question is: how many of you print their photos? Not every photo, of course, but at least a selection of them. I think that a picture begins to live only when it’s printed, when you can touch it with your hands, when you can observe it on a wall, between the pages of a book or as a gift for someone we love.

My suggestion is this: print your photos! And, pay attention, I’m not talking only to photographers, but to everyone of you. Did you take a really beautiful picture to a friend of yours? Print it, don’t share it on Facebook with a tag (well, not only!). Did you live an unforgettable holiday, or did you make the travel of your dreams? Print the pictures and enjoy all the colors on your hand, on your wall in your room or wherever you want. When I have enough photos to print, I go to a photography shop to print them: also a little dimension as 12cmx18cm can give you a huge satisfaction with few euros.

As you can see in this picture, the wall of my room is full of pictures of my travels, my friends, my life. It always seems to me to be in good company and, mainly, I don’t leave alone the good moments of my life. Give a new life to your memories, don’t let them inside your hard disk or your smartphone: print your photos!

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