Living is easy

Hi everybody! This is my new blog, it’s going to be a place where I’ll share with you the best photos of other photographers, galleries, projects, photowalks, tips, news and stories about my work and lot of other beautiful things. Hope that “Living is Easy” will be something different, something special for you. Like a safe place where breath photography, inspiration, a kind of magic. A place where you can partecipate with your comments, with your ideas and where you can submit your projects.

Why this strange title? Well, I tried to merge a line from a Beatles song (living is easy with eyes closed, from “Strawberry Fields Forever”) and the moment when you take a picture, closing an eye to watch in the camera. LIVING IS EASY WITH ONE EYE CLOSED was in my mind since a lot, so here we are: take your camera, close an eye and shoot!



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