365 Project: a year of squared pictures

“My 365 Project meant and still means the world to me” (Marius Vieth)

6th June 2014: in this day I began my 365 Project on Instagram, where I decided to shoot and to post a picture a day, every day, for an entire year. Twelve months later I was observing the world around me with different eyes. In this ebook (free download) you can find all the shots of this charming project, in strictly chronological order: sunny beaches, Christmas lights, italian landscapes, portraits of people, romantic sunsets, melancholic sunrises, noir atmospheres, buildings, food, animals, flashes of street photography and street art. I can remember a story behind every of this 365 photos: they aren’t stunning pictures, they were an exercise, a way to enjoy photography, but they are mine and I love all of them. It was an unforgettable year, a year of life and memories… A year of squared pictures.


And what about you? If you want to improve your photography my advice is to begin a 365 Project. You can use your camera or your smartphone, the aim is not to take incredible pictures, but to train your eye to be always open. If you are doing a 365, or you want to begin, write me a link with your gallery in the comments, I’ll be happy to follow your improvements!


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