Photo of the day #21

Another reason to love photography: you can travel with it. Today we go in Sicily, thanks to italian photographer Giorgio Scalici: Palermo 2015 brings us through the alleys of this wonderful city. A beautiful contrast between shadows, silhouette and colors. Great.



“Walking in Hong Kong” by Bernd Schaefers

Today I want to introduce you beautiful street photography realized by a german photographer, Bernd Schaefers, who took some stunning images of Hong Kong in black and white. His project Walking in Hong Kong is a sum of moods, faces, actions, emotions: in a word, Life.

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Photo of the day #20

It was really hard to me to choose a photo from the beautiful gallery of german photographer Martin Waltz. Finally I decided to choose this stunning image in black and white, that comes from Berlin. I love the composition, stairs on the left, tracks on the right and that silhouette going down… Great photo.


People I Know

I started something new… After my 365 Project, Instagram hosts my new little project on Instagram: People I Know. Well, nothing really interesting, but it’s something funny (for me) and maybe good (for you). In these days where relationships with people are always more virtuals, sometimes it’s not easy to meet our friends outside social networks, in the real world. For this reason I decided to photograph people I know, enjoying a moment to meet my friends in person, with the aim to tell a little bit about them through a portrait. Inspired by the first verse of a Morrissey’s song, I take the cue from certain people I know to realize a new, funny, project on Instagram.

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“Roma Coast to Coast” by Alessio Trerotoli

The flâneur was a literary type from 19th century France: drawing on the poetry of Charles Baudelaire, the figure of the flâneur, connoisseur of the street, has been used to explain modern urban experience. The flâneur’s tendency toward detached but aesthetically attuned observation has brought the term into the literature of photography, particularly street photography: the photographer is an armed version of the solitary walker reconnoitering, stalking, cruising the urban inferno, the voyeuristic stroller who discovers the city as a landscape of attractive extremes. I think to be a sort of modern flâneur, so I decided to cross my city, Rome, in order to discover it better, to know its secrets corners, because Rome is one thousand and one city: last 21 April, the day of the fondation of Rome, I did my Roma Coast To Coast, walking throught my city for 21km, crossing it from Battistini to Anagnina, touching with my steps every station of the Line A of the underground. So I walked from the popular suburbs of Primavalle to the foot of the Roman Castles, passing near the Vatican City and near the monuments of the Historical Center, with its horde of tourists. A walking trip told by my images, because, as Henry Miller said, “One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things”.

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Photo of the day #18

A photography has to speak for itself, sure, but a good and original title can make a good photography more interesting. It’s the case of this picture by Kainet, A book you finish reading is not the same book it was before you read it, that comes from Budapest, Hungary. I love the mood of this picture, the light, the story behind it and, of course, this strange but beautiful title. This image brings me in this bar, and now I desire to drink something and read a book exactly there.