“Fragments” by Alessio Trerotoli

After the good success of my series Urban Melodies, I am thinking about a new project of abstract urban photography. I’m trying new ideas and new solutions: the last one is maybe my favorite, that I call “Fragments”. Fragmentalism is a view that holds that the world consists of individual and independent objects. The term contends that the world is indeed composed of separable parts, and that it is chiefly knowable through the study of these component parts, rather than through wholes. I don’t know if this will be my new series, but I’m doing some tests and they satisfy me. They aren’t incredible, but I can see a potential. These are my first tests: do you have some suggests for me?


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Photo of the day #71

I definitely love this picture, it really made my day. Can’t stop watching this awesome image, I really like the warm colors in the middle of the composition and the cool ones on the edges. The image make me feel in a sort of strange and lucid dream, where something is happening, and it’s happening right now, but you can’t tell what. The photographer is the turkish artist Merve Erdem. Well done!


Reflection (Defined)

reflection (noun) 1. the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it. Editor’s Note: “Defined” is an occasional series exploring the definitions of words via photography.–By Leanne Burden Seidel.

I’ve founded on The Big Picture this interesting gallery about reflections, a theme always awesome for pictures and, particularly, for street photography. As always, all the images belong to their rightful owners.


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“Zebra the City” by Tadashi Onishi

Tadashi Onishi is a japanese photographer. Through his pictures in black and white, high-contrasted, he reveals the dialogue between daily life, design and architecture, in very different and interesting ways. His Tokyo seems to be full of patterns, and he’s like someone that can see something where everybody else can’t. Tadashi plays with lights and shadows, hats, umbrellas, t-shirts or pedestrian crossings, and he shows to us his Zebra the City. Enjoy this very beautiful gallery!


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Rio 2016

Hi! I’m back in Rome from my deserved holidays, ready to begin a new year of work, a new year of pictures, a new year also with you. This year I hope to update my blog constantly, in order to have an open door to exchange with you opinions and comments about photography. Well, let’s start this new era of “Living Easy” with an outstanding gallery from Olympics Games in Rio. All pictures were taken in the first days of the Games (and, as usual, all the images belong to their respective owners).

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Photo of the day #70

What a beautiful shot! I really love the lights of cinemas at night. This charming place is in Miami, and the photographer is the french Fabrice Pierre. I love the mood of the scene, the neon lights reminds me a scene from a Nicolas Winding Refn movie. And what about the planning? Lars Von Trier, Wes Anderson… And there is also Marilyn Monroe! Yes, I definitely love Tropic Cinema!


Roma Coast to Coast – Linea B1

Do you remember my project Roma Coast to Coast? I walked for 21 km last year and for another 21 km last month (along all the stations of the roman underground, Line A and Line B). Well, Line B has a little ramification with other four stations, so I walked again, but only for 5 km, to take new pictures and complete my project. You can find all the pictures of this project on my Facebook page Alessio Trerotoli Photographer, but here you can take a look at a little selection.

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Photo of the day #68

Photo of the day today comes from Barcelona, Spain, a great city for street photography. The author is the spanish photographer Sergi Escribano. Sergi’s work is full of great images in black and white (and not only), but in this one, Ripper Street, I can see a story, a mood, something really awesome. I love the lights, the architecture of this beautiful street, and that shadow walking through this scene. There is a sense of fear, but I can’t stop watching. Great picture!


New York City

Five years ago I went to New York City for the first time in my life. I’ve never been in New York City before, but I knew it through movies, music, pictures… Well, when I traveled to the Big Apple I walked around taking pictures. Finally, through street photography, I’ve discovered its daily life, its characters, its heroes and it was much better than what I’ve seen in the movies… Here a selection of images. I think NYC is one of the best place in the world for street photography, so I ask you: which is your favourite one (as a photographer but also as a reader/viewer)?

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