“Train Moments” by Dina Alfasi

I love to observe people on public transportations, I think they represent the real soul of a city, with their thoughts, their worries, their dreams. Israeli photographer Dina Alfasi, who works in hospital as engineer, takes bus and train to go to work and captures candid images of people around her. As she said: “I’m inspired by the little moments that happen every day. My work is a testament to telling stories through a single photo and proof that all you need is just to look around to find magic moments”. Her photos are just amazing, all taken with an iPhone. Follow Dina’s work on Instagram.

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Urban Melodies at Iuris Hub

Hi everybody. My biggest news of September is my new exhibition in a wonderful space in Roma, Iuris Hub, a law firm that every 3 months hosts a fine art exhibition. It will be a private exhibition, only their clients and invited people can see the artworks and it will last until the end of December. I’m very excited for this opportunity and I’m very happy to show you the video that it’s been realized to introduce the exhibition.

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Monopoli (40 Pics)

Last week I’m back in Roma after a beautiful month in Monopoli, in the Southern Italy, where I basically go every summer since when I was born. Looking at the pictures I have taken in this place year after year, I noticed that I have a good body of work. So I’ll try to show you a selection of images, just to close this chapter (for this year) and come back to my “Roman affairs”!

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PhEST 2020: Arte e Fotografia a Monopoli

Già dal 7 Agosto (e fino al 1 Novembre) è possibile visitare i 24 progetti che compongono l’edizione 2020 del PhEST, Festival Internazionale di Fotografia e Arte, giunto ormai alla quinta edizione, probabilmente la migliore finora realizzata. Il tema scelto quest’anno è “Terra”, inteso non solo come il pianeta in cui viviamo, ma anche la terra che appartiene al mondo contadino e dunque alla riscoperta del suo valore.

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Best of July 2020

First month of summer is gone and like every year of my life I’m spending these days in the Southern Italy. I took some pictures there and then (Monopoli, Bari and Taranto), here a selection of my best street shots of this month. Holidays are almost finished for me and it’s time to be back in Rome soon, to work, to start another exciting year full of passion and photography.

All the best,

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Photo Culture #4: Chris Steele-Perkins

England can be a strange place – alternatively funny and serious, happy and sad. “The Pleasure Principle” is a collection of color photographs of England and its people, representing a powerful and perceptive view of a country during the eighties. Returning to England after spending time photographing abroad in the third world, Chris Steele-Perkins experienced a kind of culture shock. “I was not interested in polemics, or a fashionable cynicism,” says Steele‑Perkins. “I wanted to re-orientate myself. I found myself returning to the public rituals we employ in the pursuit of happiness. For there we display our identity as we would like it to be. There we make signals to each other about who we are, and about what we believe in. Looking through this haze of signals with a tangential glance, a curious eye, reveals some unintended things.” Through a series of striking color images, Steele-Perkins presents a wry view of various recreational and social activities that examines the public rituals we employ in the pursuit of happiness. Using the idea of ‘pleasure’ and the pursuit of it, he explores a public, ritual face that cuts across class and location. Steele-Perkins wanted the photographs in this book to be, in a sense, about hedonism and our search for a better world. What he presents is a “kaleidoscope of experiences”; not only familiar, but also captured in a way that is frequently unsettling.

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Monopoli, Once Again

Like every summer of my life (more or less) I’m back in the Southern Italy, Monopoli, an amazing village near Bari, the area where my family comes from. I love this place, its sea, its food, its people and I find it very inspiring for my street photos and multiple exposures. I’m going to shoot a lot in the next weeks, hoping to collect some good moments for my folders. Here the first image I’ve taken this year in Monopoli, from my series Urban Melodies.

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Goodbye Ennio Morricone

My last memory about Ennio Morricone’s music was at the beginning of March, just before the lockdown, when the beautiful quartet of Associazione Musicale Harmonia honored me to take pictures to its concert. During the night they played the theme from “Mission” and, for the first time in my life, I took pictures with tears in my eyes. True story.
Huge loss for all of us, for all the humanity.
Thanks for everything Maestro Ennio Morricone.